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Subscriptions are a flat rate based on $2 per bed per month.*
Modules cost 20 cents per bed per month.
Annual subscriptions include 2 months for free.

This price equates to around 14 cents per bed-night
for a venue at 40% occupancy, on an annual subscription.


*Notes: None of your details are recorded unless you intentionally submit them for confirmation.
All submitted details are treated as totally confidential in accordance with our Privacy policy.
All prices AUD, ex GST. estimates are only a guide until confirmed. Pricing may change without notice.

All prices AUD, ex GST. estimates are only a guide until confirmed. Pricing may change without notice.


More for Less

Venuelife pricing is generous, for venues of all sizes.


Venuelife costs around 14 cents per bed-night at 40% occupancy on an annual subscription.

Modules cost around 1.4 cents per bed-night each, at 40% occupancy. There are also additional discounts for multiple venues.

Low Outlay

With zero set-up fees, free customer support and the option of monthly payments, it costs very little up front.

The cloud-based platform requires minimal office infrastructure, and the modules replace a host of third party applications.


Monthly payments are fixed, so you know exactly how much you're paying.

Your subscription price is linked simply to bed numbers, which means your cost per bed-night DROPS as your occupancy increases, which is pretty much how it should be.


Every venue is very different and operations are very dynamic - so we've made pricing very flexible.

Subscribe monthly or annually, and add or remove modules (or beds) as needed - with all relevant discounts applied.


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We expect that Venuelife will pay for itself early, and will generate increasing return over time, no matter how big or small your venue is.

The extraordinary value on offer is possible because we've leveraged the very latest technology and matched it to the actual requirements, and budgets, of real venues.

Pricing is designed to meet the needs of all venues - from small operations with limited facilites and small budgets, right up to mega-venues with a full array of features and facilities. We even offer multi-venue discounts.


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