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Venuelife is a comprehensive management system for Camps & Conference Centres of all sizes.

It is a cloud-based application that sets a new standard in power, flexibility and ease of use - and value for money.

It starts with a class-leading bookings application, and builds on this with a suite of advanced modules to create a fully integrated system, tailored perfectly to your venue.

If you like what you see, please contact us. We look forward to being of service to you.

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More Control

Venue management is complex and dynamic.
It's about a multitude of details, options and changes.
The more control you have, the better life is.

Venuelife gives you more control

Save Money

Slash admin and training time, reduce duplication, miscommunication and errors. Handle last-minute changes and surprises. Manage everything on one powerful platform.


Make greater use of your facilities and create space for improvements. Ramp up your sales and CRM performance and spend more time improving your guest experience.

Stay Compliant

Keep your venue safe and compliant, across all operations. Maintain accurate reports, with automated notifications to help you keep on top of every issue at every stage.

Be Happy

When things are chaotic, everything is stressful and unproductive. More control allows everyone to focus on their jobs, creating a wonderful venue experience across the board.



Designed explicitly for camps and conference centres, and for the people that work in them, Venuelife is proven, powerful and productive.

BOOKINGS: At the core is an extraordinary bookings engine for accommodation, facilities and resources, scheduling, quoting and invoicing, client and employee management, enquiries, reporting, WH&S compliance... and much more.

MODULES: Because each venue is different, we have developed a suite of targeted modules to suit specific needs. These include activities, catering, site and asset management, CRM, events registrations... and more.

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Venuelife is...

Venuelife is a full venue management system, which scales to meet the needs of your venue. At the core is an incredible bookings application with many extra features. Building on this, a suite of modules extend the feature-set to cover a large range of venue operations in a single integrated system.
Every venue is different, each with their preferred ways of quoting, managing staff, handling incidents etc. Some do their own catering, while others outsource. Some feature outdoor activities and others focus on seminars. Venuelife is intrinsically flexible, allowing venues to operate as closely as possible to their current models.
Technology has made it possible for us to offer FAR more for MUCH less. The cloud-based model slashes hardware and software costs, the modules allow you to pay only for what you need, and our subscription prices are just great value.
Get started with a web browser and an internet connection - Venuelife will run effectively on a broad range of devices, including tablets. With zero set-up fees, great help and data migration tools, a responsive support team and a free trial period of one month, it's REALLY easy to get started. Register now.
We have invested heavily in User Experience design to deliver fast, intuitive learning and a more enjoyable day at work. We also provide a large help library and a responsive support team. All this means that Venuelife is genuinely easy to learn and that it will cut training time, reduce errors and improve morale.
The cloud-based model means fast set-up, rapid scaling, constant off-site data backup, access from anywhere and automatic software updates. The serious hardware and software is at our end, which means you need far less investment in office IT, which also means you can focus your time and money on running a venue.
Venuelife has recently been rebuilt from the ground up leveraging the latest web technologies and standards. It delivers extraordinary performance and features right now, and the infrastructure is ready for some very exciting future upgrades.
Many venues use a number of different software applications (or whiteboards, sticky notes etc) to manage operations. Not only can this get expensive, it's difficult to get a single view of the data, and leverage it across all the separate platforms. Venuelife offers full integration of every feature and every module across the entire management system.

Try VenueLife

We are so confident that Venuelife will make dramatic improvements in the life of your venue, we are offering a full month free trial.

The actual experience of using Venuelife is even better than you might expect. Behind the obvious features, there are a multitude of small, less visible details that set it apart and make it a real pleasure to use.

Seven years of development and testing, including a full rebuild from the ground up using the latest in web technology - has created something very special.

Venuelife sets a brand new standard in Venue management, and we invite you to try it.

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