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Customise Venuelife to suit your exact needs, with the extra capability of targeted modules, completely integrated across your account.

These MODs allow you to progressively lift your game in individual areas, and each one comes with its own ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL.



Activities MOD

Easily create fantastic activity programmes for multiple clients, schedule concurrent sessions, allocate resources & roster staff.

Integrating directly into your existing Venuelife account, this module will help you leverage your investment in activity infrastructure and expand your capabilities using your existing resources.

  • Multiple concurrent bookings can be programmed across a broad range of activities, days and session times.
  • Rotational programming allows you to run parallel streams for a number of groups, ensuring that each group gets a session on every activity during their stay.
  • Conflict checking automatically highlights availability issues with resources or staff.
  • Intelligent rostering ensures qualified staff at every activity session and full optimisation of each employee's individual roster, whether they are full time, part time or casual.
  • Smart re-scheduling means that activity programmes automatically change when guest schedules change, with any new conflicts flagged and notifications sent.
  • Staff assessment tracking ensures every guest group gets instructors with the right qualifications.

Guests MOD

Manage your own venue-run camps and conferences, get online registrations and payments, and offer much of the same capability to your clients for their own bookings.

The Guests MOD provides a very elegant and practical solution to a set of very complex challenges. For a venue to implement any one of these features is normally extremely complex, technical and expensive.

  • Venue-run events: Manage comprehensive registrant data, dietary requirements, room and group allocations, with a "Check-in" feature for arrivals.
  • Online registrations and payment: Receive event registrations and payments online through your own venue / event branded registration and payment forms. Multiple pricing and add-on options for individuals and groups, various payment integrations and more...
  • Client event management: Give your clients a stand-alone, venue-branded portal website with most of the same event management tools for them to organise their own "events" (which still appear as normal "bookings" in your Venuelife account). This will add value to the service you offer, and could help in your sales and marketing.

Catering MOD

Optimise your catering capabilities, improve your offering and output, manage diets, manage staff rosters and respond faster to changes.

Catering is complex and expensive, and yet it is one of the fundamental guest experiences. This module helps you make that experience as good as possible, and it is integrated right into the structure of your Venuelife account.

  • Multiple dining locations can be managed for multiple client groups on independent schedules.
  • Last minute changes can be managed easily.
  • Intelligent rostering allows you to dynamically manage catering and serving staff to match guest numbers, asynchronous mealtimes and multiple dining locations.
  • Kitchen screen display provides a constantly updated feed of current bookings, mealtimes, numbers and last minute changes.

Site MOD

Organise complex housekeeping schedules, manage maintenance issues and ensure robust compliance by responding to incidents.

More control provides immediate improvements in your guest experience, site safety and staff morale and efficiency - and it is all integrated directly into your Venuelife account.

  • Maintenance requests from staff are assigned and tracked.
  • Ensure compliance by managing responses to workplace health and safety issues, including automatic integration with incident reports.
  • Automatic notifications are sent to the maintenance manager when submitted and to the reporter and WH&S officer (if relevant) when the request is completed.
  • Intelligent rostering for housekeeping takes into account guest arrivals and departures (or vacate room times) plus facility cleaning requirements to determine staff required.

Assets MOD

Safety, risk management and compliance are key issues for all venues, and represent significant exposure to risk and financial loss.

Tracking certification and managing the operational status of equipment and infrastructure is essential.

  • Track anything from individual pieces of activities equipment (e.g. ropes, helmets, harnesses), electrical appliances (e.g. hand dryers) and safety equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers, first aid) right through to infrastructure (e.g. certifications for Giant Swings or Ropes Courses).
  • Keep records of third party safety checks and contact details of equipment suppliers.
  • Schedule regular checks and set reminders to ensure your venue remains safe and compliant.
  • Fully integrated with the rest of your venue's data. Whole software packages are often devoted to equipment tracking but this module does it all.


Once you get Venuelife up and running,
find the MODs that offer you real added value,
and create an extraordinary platform for growth.

Try out the MODs with ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL


These modules replace a host of third party applications, bringing fantastic extra capability to your account, as you need it. They take Venuelife way beyond a booking engine.


Build the venue management system that works for you. Get only the functionality you need right now, and add or remove functionality strategically as you grow (at any time).


Everything is connected. The modules aren’t just “stuck on”, they integrate natively through the architecture of the entire platform, ensuring seamless upgrades and complete compatibility.


If you want to manage your catering, lift your sales performance, offer individual event registrations... if it’s going to improve your business - add the module and try it out for FREE.



Customise your account even further with Venuelife PODs

Venuelife PODs are built-in features that can be switched on or off to suit your unique requirements.

Most of our PODs are FREE to use as part of your Venuelife subscription.


Connect Venuelife to accounting software (Xero or MYOB) or your payment gateway (Eway, Stripe, Cybersource or PayPal).

Track your marketing campaign success with Google Analytics or Meta Pixel integrations and keep your online booking platforms (e.g. AirBNB) in sync with iCal feeds.

We also provide a REST API so you can develop your own integrations.

Online Bookings

Allow your guests to make bookings online for day adventures, birthday parties, camping, cottages and more.

Create a beautiful online presence to showcase your different booking product offerings.

Integration with your own payment gateway and low transaction fees ensure a more affordable way to take online bookings than other online platforms.

Optional Extras

We also have PODs that provide extra functionality that you can enable at any time from within your Venuelife account.

Manage Transport requirements for your guest bookings including tracking bookings with external providers.

Run Loyalty campaigns to ensure your frequent clients get their preferred dates with a personalised invitation.