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At its core, Venuelife is a bookings application that is robust, elegant and surprisingly powerful; with a feature-set that exceeds expectations.

Manage bookings, client schedules, incident reports, enquiries, invoices... and much, much more.

Not only is the feature-set rich, it is also flexible, allowing you to set up the software to suit the way you run your venue.




This is your whole venue at a glance, with bookings blocked in for every facility and section, shown accurate to the hour.

This calendar is so easy to use, so useful and so powerful, it will quickly become a fundamental part of your venue operations.

  • Status and type colours clearly show all confirmed, tentative and cancelled bookings, as well as any events, unavailable times and conflicts.
  • Rollover or touch on a booking to get a summary and click through to view the booking details or the client.
  • You can toggle between standard dates and school terms.
  • You can even add new bookings directly into the calendar grid.


Keep your finger on the pulse - the dashboard gives you an overview of what's happening today, yesterday, or in the next few days.

A suite of other dashboard panels gives you the heads up on the critical information for the day including:

  • Daily Schedules: For every group on the site including meals, activities, arrivals and departures and all booked resources.
  • Guest Numbers: See the total number at your venue for the day as well as how many are arriving/departing, day visitors and those staying the night.
  • Booking Notes: Staff in different roles are aware of special guest requirements.
  • Other panels: Arrivals/departures by facility, Catering meal times and numbers and Overdue Checklist items.


Bookings are the lifeblood of a venue, so our booking files are designed to be powerful, easy to read and edit, and incredibly flexible.

In the one file you will find everything to do with that booking - full details, schedules and documents including quotes and invoices.

  • Book multiple facilities for different time periods under a single booking with conflict warnings.
  • A powerful checklist helps to make sure everything is covered off before guests arrive, during their stay and after they depart.
  • The booking notes allow you to record important changes, discussions etc. and alert your staff to special guest requirements.
  • Client contact database helps keep details up-to-date for clients with multiple bookings.


Create schedules to document the special arrangements you've made with your clients and ensure all your staff are informed and able to provide a great level of service to your guests.

Record times for arrival, departure, meals, activities and other key events.

  • Easy to read formats, colour coded for fast reading.
  • Schedules are automatically created based on your default times.
  • Customise schedules to handle special requirements.
  • Respond quickly to changes in catering, transport and packed meal requirements.
  • Easily book venue resources to your client for specific time periods.


Keep workplace safety on track, and ensure that you comply with all legal requirements.

Venuelife incorporates a robust incident reporting feature that will meet or exceed most workplace safety requirements.

  • Meet your duty of care towards your guests and staff.
  • Incident Reporting allows active reporting and follow-up for all accidents, illnesses and near misses involving guests, staff or contractors.
  • Create a solid "paper-trail" to protect your venue against unfair litigation.
  • Track employee data, including certifications (first aid, working with children checks etc.) employee inductions and emergency contacts.


Create a wide range of customised documents to frame your discussion and contract with your clients.

This includes booking forms, pricelists, numbers forms, quotes and invoices.

  • Customise your forms with your logo and venue details.
  • Build and edit a full suite of forms using our simple document builder.
  • Your form templates can even include customisable sections, allowing data entry that is unique to a booking.
  • Each version of a form is saved in the booking file, creating a reliable history of interaction with the client.


You will be surprised how much of the financial details and documents can be managed directly within Venuelife, from pricing lists to quotes and invoices.

Consolidate your client interactions in one place, and create data exports to your financial packages

  • Setup detailed pricelists for your venue covering accommodation, meeting rooms, resources, activities, catering and more.
  • Create alternative pricelists for different seasons, client types and even individual bookings.
  • Record accurate numbers to automatically create a detailed quote and/or final invoice.
  • Generate, print and export invoices for deposits, final payments and anything else.


Good reporting is essential for effective venue management, for great strategy development and for solid growth over time.

Venuelife also allows almost unlimited reporting of venue data with pre-formatted reports and comprehensive search page functionality.

  • Pre-formatted reports include booking data, occupancy rates, deposit tracking and income forecasting.
  • Cut and slice your venue data using our powerful search functionality to provide different views with a range of filter options and presets.
  • Export data from these search results in Excel format to create your own reports using spreadsheet applications.

Do more

Venuelife allows you to achieve far more,
with the resources you already have.
Discover opportunities for growth, every day.


More control of guest movements and site logistics means you can actually book more bed-nights with the same number of beds e.g. allow more groups, manage overlap, reduce changeover window etc.


Errors claim far more time than you want to know. Venuelife dramatically improves accuracy, with excellent communication, a robust checklist feature, conflict flagging and error trapping across the whole system.


Venuelife has been designed for working venues, in every detail. Each function is optimised to work intuitively, bookings logs record all history and notes, and collaboration between staff and departments is optimised.


As you gain more control over the dynamic life of your venue, you and your staff will grow in confidence - and capability. You will boldly go, where you have not been able to go before. Do more.