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About us

Venuelife is a collaboration between a venue
and a software development group,
so the DNA is perfect for venue management.

The Tops Conference Centre is one of the largest venues in Australia, situated an hour south of Sydney. The management software was initially developed because there was nothing available to suit the unique and wide-ranging needs of this working venue.

Over 7 years of development, venue performance was dramatically improved across all aspects of the business.

The software was then rebuilt from the ground up to make it a cloud-based subscription service, leveraging the latest technology and extending the functionality to suit a broader spectrum of venues.


About you

While this started being about one venue, it's now much more.
Venuelife is a completely independent software provider,
with the focus firmly on delivering the very best, to you.


In the past, venue management software has been expensive to set up and to use, placing it out of reach for many venues, especially smaller ones. In addition, the software was difficult to learn and the feature-set often inadequate.

Venuelife has changed all of that; intentionally offering far more for much less.


We recognise that, as an organisation, we are connected to a strong and vibrant community of venues around the world.

We are offering Venuelife as a positive and valuable contribution to this community, with the expectation that it will help to lift performance across the industry as a whole.


We are almost fanatical about quality - delivering a great user experience in every respect. We have invested in cutting edge technology, robust architecture and benchmark design.

We continue to invest in these areas, and we also strive to respond quickly to any issues or requests to ensure Venuelife is always a step ahead.


Because of our ongoing relationship with the Tops Conference Centre, we have strict confidentiality protocols in place to ensure you have full control over who has access to your venue data.

Venuelife is an independent organisation, offering Software as a Service, with a clear focus on you and your venue.